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"Barter is a true line of Credit along with a Barter debit/credit account that you can fill daily with new relationships that become an extended family."

" I provide it as a complete no brainer. The first transaction I personally did was a $10,000.00 commission deposited into my account to spend freely when I wanted locally & Globally .., along with the biggest reward was the new long term relationship I was creating. This is true business I NEVER WOULD HAVE KNOWN OR HAD WITHOUT THE BARTER WORLD."

"My first thoughts as a business owner was this, if I could Increase my sales by driving more customers to my business. And, decrease the costs involved in doing business. Combined, my business will be far more profitable. The relationships kept growing stronger and stronger through the years by helping my fellow business partners conserve cash flow themselves when selling commercially retail space or even residential their personal homes."

"All of my fixed costs remain the same and I make additional income. I am able to utilize my barter partners for all of my immediate needs right now. Such as my business cards, brochures, signs for my yards when hosting open houses all the items I mention were able to trade 100 %."

"I have been bartering now for over 12+ years. I don't incur additional cost when people call  in and use their barter service. I am not turning on more lights or renting more space. It is a win-win."

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